Ye Xiying non farm before the United States crude oil operation recommendations

Ye Xiying: before the operation of crude oil non clients view the latest market due to the inventory decline and OPEC agreement stimulus, Thursday (October 6th) WTI crude oil prices since the June British "from Europe" for the first time since the $50 barrel. At the close, the New York Mercantile Exchange in November delivery of WTI crude oil futures prices rose $0.61, or 1.22[%], to close at $50.44 a barrel; Brent crude oil futures prices rose $0.65, or 1.25[%], to close at $52.51 a barrel of news: according to reports, next week, Saudi Iran, Iraq, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Venezuela, OPEC the Secretary General Barkin will be held in Istanbul and Russia’s informal meeting, OPEC Secretary General Barkin will discuss with Russia non OPEC crude oil production problem. This news came out, to enhance the implementation of the agreement to reduce production hopes to promote rising oil prices. However, due to the reduction agreement has not yet been formally established, Ye Xiying believes that it will take a long time, which may limit the rise in crude oil prices. Market review and technical analysis: the Asia Europe plate yesterday crude oil price between $-49.80 $49.50 callback Chonggao, but is still unable to break the 50 mark in the evening, but according to the Algeria energy minister came news that OPEC cut size may be 1[%] more than the agreement. OPEC seeks oil prices initially in the range of $50-55. OPEC and non OPEC oil producers will hold talks in Turkey next week. Affected by this news once changed the day of crude oil weakness in one fell swoop broke above the $50 mark, and the firm $50 above, once the probe to the highest point of 50.58, then again in the evening and pressure correction, U.S. initial better than expected and a certain pressure on crude oil, and natural gas inventory EIA bad effects of evening ten thirty the impact on oil prices, crude oil once the probe back below $50, but the Bulls still tough to recover the search space, $50 in a position above the final stand, the market outlook is expected prices will remain stable at between $50 and $-55. The crude oil from the daily chart, the price is now seven Lian Yang, K-line index running on BLOO with the top of the rail, MACD running at near zero axis, red MACD kinetic volume, KDJ index into the overbought zone of necking, extending upward from the CCI index; four hours, K-line index running on the BOLL track above the band MACD, running at near zero axis, red MACD kinetic volume, KDJ index of an upward divergence, CCI index to turn head trend. Ye Xiying’s point of view, oil price of $50, return to the high price of oil, the United States refers to the rise, Saudi Arabia and the United States for future market share increase, is the key to curb the rise in oil prices. U.S. crude oil operation recommendations: recommended operating in the vicinity of the layout of 50.7-50.9 empty single, stop point 0.4, the target to see 50.3-49.8-49.3 U.S. dollars.   silver technical analysis: silver prices yesterday.相关的主题文章: