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Yongcheng consistense no industry standard is the main chaos because of lack of supervision who lives in the high-tech zone, Ms. Zheng bought consistense, constantly for many people, buying a house to get the key, just happy, and have to face the problem how to dress up the decoration, new houses, and let the real good-looking and practical but also well, is a time-consuming and laborious work. So, in order to attract buyers, some developers have dished out the concept of the decoration of the housing, the owners are only responsible for the money, the other is no matter, then directly bag check on the line. However, speaking of hardcover room, we are mostly "poor and water". At present, the province’s implementation of the residential renovation of the new deal has been out, the province requires the beginning of October 1st will be the implementation of all new residential renovation and finished goods delivery. So, the controversial hardcover room in the future of the market in the end how to move forward? [hardcover] chaos to spend 50 thousand yuan with warm "in a complete mess under the floor piles of garbage, and even can see cigarette butts; insulation board is missing, the heating pipe laying at random; heating agreement clearly marked 28KW, in fact is to install the 24KW boiler, with small power posing as power boiler; boiler installed in the indoor outdoor wall there are all kinds of risks……" In October 17th, high tech Zone Vanke Park 31 owners complaints in the East Forum, spent 50 thousand dollars plus the heating was not fit to be seen. Reporters learned that the complaint owners of 31 households to buy a 168 square meters apartment layout, and with the developers to provide heating, however, the agreement does not include the installation of floor heating in the purchase and renovation contract, but the owner and one of Shanghai’s "Jiangsu Hong Zhou Building Decoration Engineering Co. Ltd." separately signed, and pointed out the implementation of the project and quality supervision are the company. After the event, Ningbo Vanke apology letter in the form of reply, admitted that in the actual construction process, due to improper management of the construction side of the part of the installation of quality defects". During the interview, the reporter found that the refined decoration of the house is not a small number of complaints, but the owners get the best feedback is just a word: "repair". Spent a lot of money to buy the house but can not get the quality assurance, refined decoration of the house so that the owners feel that love you is not easy". Decoration materials and process are likely to Jerry Zhang made the interior decoration for many years, he said: "a good bit of material and a material, after the completion of the renovation is very ugly, but the price difference. Developers or decoration company in order to reduce costs, so they cut corners." "As I see it, the price 2000, 3000 yuan per square meter of decoration quality best value of 1000 yuan per square meter, we do this line is certainly not going to buy." Mr. Zhang said bluntly. "Take the thickness of the floor, the floor is not relevant national standard thickness to how much dough, these standards are currently by real estate developers and floor providers say. Therefore, in order to save costs, many floors are polished very thin, resulting in quality problems." Mr. Wang has been a renovation project manager for more than and 10 years, in his view, the quality of decoration photo相关的主题文章: