You can choose a beautiful dress, but it’s not good borderland

Nice but not good to wear a beautiful dress Xian you how should choose [Abstract] the hearts of every woman has a long skirt (maxi dress) can bring their own dream, remove the "immortal beauty" temperament, in the summer on a set of direct breathable dress is indeed time-saving. But sometimes you think you wear so so, but the practical effect is that the two dimension, Liu Yifei Xian Qi PK Fan Ye count Virgo fashion or obsessive-compulsive disorder…… This is the "beautiful" Megan · Transformers; Fawkes, you see? Not only did not increase the temperament, but did not want to walk the kind of elegant. Why? We are summed up several dress with Tips, not only can you check whether the blind choice does not suit their dress, will tell you no ordinary people how to model figure wearing a dress, also in the final to tell you to buy the dress brand. 1 do not attempt to use this skirt loose in fat, it will only enlarge don’t a long dress to the ankle can block the abdomen or buttocks fat, you know thin material not only has elegant visual expansion effect, so it can only magnify your body defect. Error: Rihanna demonstration is not thin, but very tight, even so this dress makes her look more fat in a circle, not to mention those who really have a meat body. 2 of the sub high waist line design does not let a minute shorter skirts tall is the most important "hold up", or the height or the aura. But with no waist skirt design is too loose, or a second will make you shorter and fatter. Error: demonstration Angelina · Julie was tall and wiry with no waist dress also change without operation, not to mention the little girl. 3, the selection of a dress suited to their temperament, is very important to remove the objective requirement of height and weight etc., there is a strong sense of dress, will your temperament enlarge, so for "beginners", the safest approach is to try to choose a simple design style. The same lace dress, Olivia itself youthful temperament weakened the sexy lace, and the other side is magnified because sexy temperament and tacky. So is it the same, only thin and high qualified to wear a long dress? Certainly not! Grasp the following 7 points, summer wear a long skirt is not a dream! 1 petite, choose high waist design again, waistline is life. A seemingly not essential but both legs stretched waist ratio and modified waist, even if you dress no waist design, you can also use a belt "standard" waist position. There is no effect of the waistline, a world of difference. 2 the choice of shoes to slim you may worry about not tall enough to hold up and dress, wearing a pair of water table heels, with height but not the style, such collocation seems too hard, destruction of the dress is light, elegant feeling, even to wear high-heeled shoes, should also choose slim the design style, with a fine, with a word can. Choose slim, delicate, simple shoes, do not let the foot looks cumbersome and cumbersome Y相关的主题文章: