Zhang Jinlei or Yellen will decide the end of shock pullip

Zhang Jinlei: Yellen will decide the client or the end of the shock to view the latest market on Thursday (November 13th) affected by the strong dollar began to fall, the price of gold began to rebound slightly. However, the two data published by the United States on Thursday night are good, the Fed hawks also emerge from time to time, the rebound blocked, although gold has been at the top of the 1255 shocks, but the momentum is not sufficient to explain the market Powei 1266 or so, the shock adjustment. Still yesterday, in the repeated impact firm above 1260 after the failure, only a small positive line at. Friday (November 14th) as I said above, why such a small market this week: one is in after the crash, the market urgently needs adjustment; two, until now also not much important news; finally, the major natural or everybody expect Yellen tonight at the Boston fed speech. Whether the final word again! Thursday morning the Fed minutes and expected, let the market without a sense of a commonplace talk of an old scholar. Yesterday after the Fed minutes showed hawkish momentum weakened, recently has been in the high dollar index began to fall, a slight rebound in the price of gold. But on Thursday, the United States released two data than expected performance. And in the queen before, there will be more hawkish officials of the Boston Fed President Rosengren spoke first, it will be more conducive to the short trend. The United States last week, crude oil, mixed oil inventory inventory report, a large drop in crude oil inventories increased to offset the bad, the number of China crude oil imports continued to increase and the dollar decline in oil prices provided some support. On Thursday night, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) announced that as of October 7th, when the original inventory of the original deposit recorded a significant increase of 4 million 900 thousand barrels, the expected value of an increase of 650 thousand barrels, the former value is reduced by 2 million 976 thousand barrels. The end of crude oil inventories decline for five consecutive weeks, growth reached maximum in April 8th when the week. On the other hand, Cushing crude oil stocks, gasoline stocks and refined oil inventories fell more than expected range, all provide a certain amount of support for oil prices. Gold: gold prices continue to shock, the market continued to cycle, although the space is not large, but we still grasp the visible profits. We will not panic, suggesting that we do not hesitate, repeatedly hit the 1262 decisive day into the air, and then see the fall as scheduled, a time to grab profits. And stressed: since the previous day with the same disk as the United States and Japan, then it is impossible to count on what the new lows, what fell, the goal of adjusting to see the profit near 1255, and then close the shock between the district! So, the public, Zhang Jinlei suggested that today the white plate if no unexpected news, don’t expect what sort of broken bits, to brush a short interval, down several times than a single difference, don’t expect the light wave flow. To understand that the market where there are so many one-sided to eat you. The key is to see all the beauty in the disc, follow the homeopathic powei. Therefore, the operation of the day Zhang Jinlei suggested: London Gold: 1, white disk 1252-1262 interval on the brush, more than a single stop loss of 1265, empty single stop loss of about $7, only about $1248. 2, evening.相关的主题文章: