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Zhang Meng won the praise of God "-" send cap-a-pie play – Sohu "-" Yan Dan entertainment entertainment Sohu directed by Ju Jueliang, Zhang Meng, Shen Zhining screenwriter, William Feng, Victoria Song, Ma Tianyu and other co starring costume fantasy drama "city of fantasy" is Hunan TV hit. With Sakura empty release identity disclosure, addict war temporarily paragraph, the highly popular CP Dan Hagen began to release "drop a knife", child heart play frequently upgraded, pocketed the fans in tears. In addition to the plot on, many viewers also play Yan Dan Zhang Meng who plays the stunning performance of admiration, praised it as "Nirvana pie". Zhang Meng "-" incarnation of powder filling spell big sister refused to complain attribute "-" aired so far, as Princess Zhang Meng Dan Yan Hot pot has become the big smoke powder. Dare to love and hate, to reveal the true nature of Yan Dan, with the enemy’s ambition, to his father’s respect to his brother, unyielding, the "small slave" Liao Han playfully, beloved of tough farewell…… The personalities of the characters is Dan fans in yan. But in addition, Zhang Meng perfect interpretation of the role, the key is to subdue her legions of fans. Zhang Meng said in an interview: "this role is Dan brilliant color, so I need to do every scene is very full, outstanding character, do not play enough, so in the mind of the viewer leaving no impression." To this end, Zhang Meng paid a lot of effort, in the cold season, in order to let her role showing the most perfect state, the initiative will not add in the costume in warm clothes; in order to make their action and special effects to a crane on the coercion she practice again and again not to mind taking the trouble to action, never so while complaining called tired, no wonder fans are willing to call her "sister". Zhang Meng’s favorite movie is "subversive" by netizens praise God acting force in a wide range of Zhang Meng has played a more memorable classic role. "Myth" in the atmosphere of the fashion high haze and tough gentle Xiaoyue, "the divorce lawyer" in love "," charming but people love to hate Jiao Yanyan, "hold up the family and career woman Lu Xiaoshan little husband" in…… These characters are different in character, but because of the interpretation of Zhang Meng and radiant. Zhang Meng once said: "I am a love the pursuit of novelty, fresh feeling, love is more to try and experience, want to play is not the same thing, so now, you can see my character, often is to subvert a role". At the same time, Zhang Meng, who has a passion for acting, will never be proud of his role as a character. She always tries her best to make the next one with her own experience and more efforts. So fans have been on the Internet message: sister Meng’s acting properly properly shocked to live, from head to toe are the play, really even people feel familiar. This is the legendary "Nirvana faction"?"相关的主题文章: