Zhengzhou property buyers undocumented opened five cards are not I have to buy (video) jiuyaogan

Zhengzhou property buyers: undocumented opened five cards are not I have to buy the West Sanhuan ran tun the southeast corner of the intersection of Wei Tong project is located in no land use permits the Henan Daily reporter Gao Zhan exhibition in the present "radish fast don’t wash mud" of the Zhengzhou property market, do not wait until the pre-sale permits down, dig a hole on the estate, has not what new thing, after all, most of the real estate land formalities is complete. However, the city of Zhengzhou West Sanhuan ran tun the southeast corner of the intersection of Wei Tong project, even the land use permits are not open houses, even if Zhengzhou "real nine" implementation, the developer illegal houses still. Property buyers are five cards, why you want to buy? Under strict government, developers why violations against the wind? Buy five cards incomplete house, exactly what risk? For buyers, sellers before the talk. [buyers talk] five cards are not knowing but I still want to buy "you see you. Do what thing? Now (prices) rose to the sky, want to buy can not afford to buy it?" From complaining to the nagging to last almost neurotic roar, Yang Min (a pseudonym) felt that his girlfriend of seven years, he became known. Yang Min urgently needs a house, even if it is a purchase agreement, to dispel the uncertainty of the future girlfriend and sense of drift. The recent two months Zhengzhou prices run, even once the value of depression, South Sanhuan outside the regional housing prices have soared to ~1.4 13 thousand yuan per square meter, while the hands of Yang Min from the first payment can buy small enough to buy a small room to room two, finally can only buy a big mark. "Three ring, the West Lake, 8× × × Yuan hot sales." In September this year, in this ad, Yang Min arrived at the West Third Ring Road intersection on the eastern side of Wei Tong Xiliu Lake project sales department. Property consultant said, the project a total of 6 buildings, building 36 is currently in the sale, there are houses, mistress house price 9500 yuan square meters to 91 square meters, two rooms, the average price of 9400 yuan square meters to 85 square meters, but the project five cards are not. This is simply the price of cabbage, there are so many people to buy, it should not be wrong." He tangled repeatedly, eventually chose a 85 square meters of the two bedroom, and paid nearly $250 thousand in the first payment. The housing agreement to take home, my girlfriend looks nice, but Yang Min was playing the drums: "even the real estate land permits are not, in case of future plots by other companies here, I pay Shoufu Zezheng?" [] if not to worry about the purchase of the house finally what is lost is Yang Min pulls out the mobile phone related file photo: the presence of a property consultant sales agency Shenzhen taichen staff and non staff developers. When booking, property buyers and developers to Henan haodetianxia real estate company to pay 10 thousand yuan deposit, the selected floor, room no.. And pay 10 thousand yuan membership fee to the electricity supplier landmark media, enjoy a total limit of 7 points of preferential amount, "the only Tang reservation agreement", "landmark media membership agreement" and two copies of receipts. Paid the first payment within 3 days after the developers gave Yang Min issued a "real Howard home workers subscription agreement", which clearly written: the project is currently not officially open sales, to ensure that workers purchase priority buyers to pay damages to the housing developers willing to pre.相关的主题文章: