Zhenjiang, a construction team dug up 6 years ago, the old gas pipeline laying into the New District-clonecd

Zhenjiang a construction team dug 6 years ago, the old gas pipeline into the New District, in accordance with the provisions, gas PE main pipe from production to use, storage time should not exceed 1 years, if you want to continue to use, you must re sampling inspection, qualified before use. However, a construction team in Jurong secretly excavated the main pipe produced in 2010 from the underground, re used in the laying of new residential areas, which brought security risks to the community. After receiving the report, Yangzi Evening News reporter launched a follow-up survey. In September 23rd, the Jurong Municipal Bureau of housing and Jurong Huarun Gas Co., Ltd. instructed the construction team to dig three feet, will have buried in the underground 100 meters, there are potential safety problems of the gas pipeline dug out. Yangzi Evening News reporter Zhang Lingfawen photo media report the construction team to use the old pipeline, checked after unexpectedly again in July 30th this year, Jurong Auto Parts City gas main pipe laying, Jurong Huarun gas company responsible for on-site supervision of the small Gong was surprised to find that the construction site was the number of "pipeline", a look that is old, there is a lot of the knife. Because the gas pipeline requirements are very high, each of the basic must be used in the year of production, and is directly supplied by Jurong Huarun Gas Co., Ltd., a party A. The small Gong then questioned: "auto pipeline has multiple wounds castellan, do not know which side is the old pipeline brought from the wrong side of the welding is serious, and there are a lot of hole flanging." Under the supervision of the small Gong, the old pipeline was eventually returned to the construction team project department courtyard. However, this should not appear "low-level error", even in August 11th again staged, 10 meters of 100 meters of waste main pipeline again from the project department shipped to the new residential parasol tree site, and soon buried into the ground. The pipeline passes through the courtyard of several villas, and soon after the main pipe passes the ground, it is built a high wall, everything looks so natural.

镇江一施工队挖出6年前旧燃气管道 铺进新小区 按照规定,燃气PE主管道从生产到使用,存放时间不宜超过1年,如果要继续使用,必须重新抽样检验,合格后方可使用。然而,句容一支施工队却偷偷将从地下挖出的2010年生产的主管道,重新用于新建小区的铺设,给小区安全带来了隐患。接到举报之后,扬子晚报记者展开了跟踪调查。9月23日,句容市住建局以及句容华润燃气有限公司责成施工队挖地三尺,将已经埋在地下的100米存在安全隐患的燃气管道全部挖了出来。 扬子晚报全媒体记者 张凌发 文 摄举报施工队使用旧管道,被查后居然再犯今年7月30日,句容汽配城燃气主管道正在铺设,句容华润燃气有限公司负责现场监理的小贡惊讶地发现,施工现场居然出现了一些“问题管道”,一看就是旧的,上面有不少伤口。因为燃气管道的要求很高,每一根基本都必须是当年生产当年使用,而且是由甲方句容华润燃气有限公司直接供应。小贡随后提出质疑:“汽配城主管道存在多处伤口,不知道是从哪边拿来的老管道,焊接错边严重,且翻边存在大量气孔。”在小贡的监管下,旧管道最终被重新退回施工队项目部大院内。然而,这起本不应该出现的“低级错误”,居然在8月11日再度上演,10根100米的废旧主管道再次从项目部运送到新建小区梧桐墅工地,并很快被埋进地下。管道从多栋别墅的庭院内穿过,不久后,这段主管道通过的地面上,就被砌起了一堵堵高高的围墙,一切看上去都是那么的自然。相关的主题文章: