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Zhoushan, a man drinking area burned 8 electric cars drunk what is really going to dry out. Putuo Donggang a man drunk to go home late at night, actually took out a lighter ignition area in 8 electric vehicles…… Recently, 55 year old Chen for his ridiculous behavior to pay the price: because of arson was sentenced to imprisonment in Putuo court for 3 years and 6 months. One day nev huoshaolianying in May this year at about 4 in the morning, Donggang residential property staff Xiaojiang see monitoring, found the house on fire, is located in the 5 Building 2 unit downstairs, quickly contact the security captain Li Jun. Li Jun arrived at, that the fire is a row of electric vehicles, the fire is very fierce, there is a strong plastic burning smell, suffocating. They used 10 bottles of dry powder fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Hey why electric cars will burn? Li Jun playback surveillance video, surprised, the fire was a man deliberately burned up. Monitor screen display, at 3:43 in the morning, the man appeared in the 5 Building 2 unit downstairs, right out of a lighter from his pocket, lower wind cloth directly to burn an electric car, but did not fire. He looked around and saw no one, and bent down to the ignition. Now, the fire is burning up. The man stood for a while and saw that the fire was getting more and more prosperous. The fire immediately spread, spread around the number of electric cars, also took place during the two explosion. The fire owners claimed to drink fragments the police quickly identified, monitoring fire man is owners chen. That night, Chen was arrested. After the police investigation found that the fire scene there are 8 electric cars burned, and some burned only frame, after the identification of a total of 4985 yuan loss of electric vehicles. In addition, the fire also caused the electric car parked at the top of the roof was blackened. At the same time, the unit floor wall and a part of air conditioner have been blackened. After that, residential property costs 8500 yuan, cleaning, painting damaged walls. "My house is on the top of the fire, when the house is full of smoke, sore throat, drying clothes are smoked bad……" District residents Jiang said that the fire also caused some psychological shadow. So, why do you want to put on fire electric car? Is there hatred with individual owners of electric vehicles? It is understood that Chen is a night snack business, usually also not and owners have grudges. "That night, I was drunk, walk home passing jinguiyuan when the wind blows, wine……" Chen argued that their usual drink do not drink, a red bayberry wine to drink only half the bottle, but the night not only drank 2 bottles of red bayberry wine, drink a dozen bottles of beer. "Drinking too much, I do not remember the ignition." Guilty of arson jailed for 3 and a half years should be the Chen family, police commissioned Second People’s Hospital of judicial identification by Chen incident when the mental state were identified. The results of the evaluation for the spirit of Chen’s medical assessment for the simple drunk, that is, the general state of intoxication; statutory ability to assess the crime when Chen has full criminal responsibility. Later, Chen family compensation for the loss of the relevant owners and property, and received an understanding. However, france. After the court held that Chen burned at three or four a.m..相关的主题文章: