13Spring doctor CEO Zhang Rui sudden myocardial infarction died doctor learn to relax –it– pe|Spring doctor CEO Zhang Rui sudden myocardial infarction died doctor learn to relax –it– pe7

The rain doctor CEO Rui   died of sudden myocardial infarction; doctor: learn to relax –IT– people.com.cn original title: rain doctor CEO Rui sudden myocardial infarction died doctor: learn to relax in patients with myocardial infarction in recent years more and more young, great mental pressure is one of the important reasons for the pathogenesis of reporter He Lina yesterday morning, spring pocket doctor mobile client, founder of Chinese medical pioneer Zhang Rui O2O myocardial infarction sudden death, only 44 years old. 70 after the sudden death of Zhang Rui is not the case, before we have contact with many similar news, more than and 40 year old myocardial infarction sudden death, senior more than and 30 year old vice president IT died of myocardial infarction…… Why so many young people have had a myocardial infarction? But Mi seems especially love to find those talented entrepreneurs, what reason is this? So, we put these issues to the heart of a hospital in Hangzhou, Professor Wang Ningfu, director of the center. "I saw the news, only more than and 40 years old, too bad." Director Wang said, clinical myocardial infarction most of the population is sixty or seventy years old, but in recent years Laisiwushi, even more young patients are twenty or thirty years old. Even more frightening is that young people have a higher mortality rate than the elderly. The reason for this is due to our body, it has a magical compensatory function. Because of the long time of the elderly, the body has a certain ability to adapt to the acute myocardial ischemia, which in fact disguised a part of the rescue time. While the young onset time is short, the body lacks the compensatory function, once the Mi will be caught off guard. Does Zhang Rui smoke?" Interview gap, director Wang threw a problem to reporters. This reporter also really do not understand, but before Zhang Rui in a media interview, said that some business like playing mahjong and smoking "analogy: in the past, every time I see a mother playing mahjong, playing to the middle of the night two points, sitting Yaosuanbeiteng, others looked too tired, but happy mother. Entrepreneurship is the same, very tired, but you are very cool, you say that smoking is good, so bad, not good for the body to spend money, but I am happy. Smoking is harmful to health is recognized as the truth, why the director Wang to specifically ask Zhang Rui has no smoking habits? Director Wang explained that in accordance with the normal aging speed of the heart to calculate, generally after the age of 55 coronary heart disease risk will be greatly increased, with the exception of a few people who have a family history of early May, but likely to be smokers than non-smokers sick 10 years earlier than. In addition, smokers are 8 times more likely to develop coronary heart disease than the general population. Especially in young and middle-aged patients with myocardial infarction, 50%~60% people do not have high blood pressure, diabetes and other basic diseases, but they almost all have a common lifestyle, is smoking. Especially in recent years, more and more young patients with myocardial infarction. If you can successfully quit smoking, cardiovascular problems can be significantly controlled. As early as 5 years ago, Wang had been admitted to a patient with a myocardial infarction at the age of 38, in the unit on a good class, suddenly fainted. It turned out that the patient per

57Zhang Jinlei gold before the interest rate is difficult to shake off the resolution to be determined|Zhang Jinlei gold before the interest rate is difficult to shake off the resolution to be determined6

Zhang Jin Lei: gold on interest rates to be set off shock resolution to the client to view the latest market on Monday (September 19th) the trend of gold is relatively smooth, only 6 dollars in volatility that I think is very normal, much closer to the Fed meeting, the market naturally become more cautious, most investment friends are waiting to get the best the chance of admission. For the basic trend of gold has not much reference value. The slow pace of the market will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of the operation, give you enough time to let you choose will only make you more sway like rose up in the long and short – no matter is a torment, unless you choose to wait and see. Although the transaction is difficult, but we still insist on their own point of view, the fed before the interest rate meeting is not broken, just look at the interval shock finishing. Tuesday (September 20th) the calm before the storm, the market is expected to have begun to ready to, regardless of the interest rate or not, Yellen’s speech is more important. I expected this week, the Fed will not raise interest rates, but Yellen will release a signal of this year is still likely to raise interest rates, then stepped up the pace of policy will be slower than previously expected, therefore, expect the dollar to G10 currency exchange rate will continue to decline; the dollar this year has fallen by 3.4%, mainly due to the Fed rate hike has not been clear, and the British off the European referendum concerns will bring negative effects, the mixed economic data also makes investors hesitate. And premature interest rates could trigger a more severe slowdown than expected and put the central bank [micro-blog] at its worst: when the interest rate is kept low, the recession. Even if the Fed really decided to raise interest rates, no matter when it will happen in the end, the reaction of the gold price may surprise the market. From the previous long-term, the rate of increase in interest rates after the price of gold is also higher than the rate cut, but also the possibility of higher than the fall. This is because in the short and medium term, the change in the price of gold, first of all, the market is expected to determine the Fed’s policy decisions, but the price is more affected by the market expectations of inflation". Therefore, the layout is more appropriate for more than a single, and then in accordance with the news after the timely adjustment of the layout. On the other hand, the euro against the dollar low up, exchange rate is currently trading at 1.1178 near the line on Friday, the euro against the dollar low order data, the euro rebounded bottom. German PPI data on the day of concern, attention to the U.S. housing market data, economic data. The United States refers to shock back to step 5 line support, will be measured on line 200 of 96 in the vicinity of repression, the next two days will be the continuation of this shock pattern, direction selection rate decision. Gold: gold yesterday after the opening back to step 1309 after the gradual rebound, as scheduled pressure on the line of 1318, the overall strength of the rebound is not strong, only a few dollars a day fluctuations can only be seen as a shock correction. For the uncertainty of market performance further, for the operation must be steadfast, disarray only about. There is no absolute what days long and short, but the number of public concern Zhang Jinlei 8, just need to look at the support and resistance, high above 1318 is still in line, only in the United States before the firm 1318 days will continue to rebound, then state.